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We at Oneness recognize that, as co-creators in the world, a community of like-minded individuals caring for one another on the spiritual journey of life is so much more impactful than going it alone.

Membership is an opportunity to make a conscious and public commitment to embody the Four Pillars of Oneness New Thought through consistent investments in community stewardship and personal growth. We believe that becoming a member is a unique and rewarding path of spiritual discovery that requires a greater level of engagement and accountability than simply attendance and participation.

While we welcome anyone to attend and participate in fellowship, community engagement, creative expression, spiritual coursework, and sacred traditions, Oneness also recognizes that creating these things requires a committed group of passionate Members that give generously of their time, talents, skills, and resources. To be a Member of Oneness is to understand and fully commit to embracing a collective-growth mindset as we challenge and support ourselves and each other.

The Oneness Membership Path creates a way for individuals to incorporate the mental, spiritual, and experiential wisdom of our Principles into their daily lives. As Members, we continue to deepen our knowledge, while helping others along their own path.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the Oneness Community comes with a list of explicit benefits. These benefits are a reflection of our desire to cultivate and sustain a community of shared leadership and communal equity that reflects our commitment to the Spiritual Practice of Generosity. Such benefits include, but may not be limited to:

      Voting Rights
      Members are afforded the opportunity to participate in community business       meetings wherein Members are provided the opportunity to vote on specified       items of such business. Each Member, or Member of a Membership Household       over the age of 18, has the right to 1 vote per person. 

      Spiritual Consultation and Mentorship
Members are provided with access to the Spiritual Leadership Team and other       community leaders for Spiritual Consultations and Mentorship relationships at       no additional cost to the Member as negotiated with the Spiritual Leadership       Team. 

      Member Events
At times, Oneness may choose to hold events that are specifically designed to       serve Members of the community. Such events may include business meetings,       appreciation gatherings, and more. 

      Qualification for Leadership 
      Members have the ability to serve in leadership roles within the community as       Membership is a Leadership requirement of Oneness. Such roles include, but are       not limited to:

      - Serving on the Sr. Strategic Leadership TeamChairing Committees and Councils       - Leading Volunteer Teams
      - Other Leadership Roles as established by Oneness

Discounted Pricing for Select Classes and Events
Oneness may offer Members discounted rates for paid events such as classes, labs, field trips, retreats, and other fee-based activities. 

Qualification to Apply for Membership

Oneness New Thought views membership as a dedication to becoming a conscious “servant” of the community. We hold the responsibility of voting, holding spiritual leadership roles, and the cultivation and growth of our individual and community consciousness as sacred. Because of this, there are qualifications that shall need to be met in order to submit an application for membership.

      - Volunteer Service Requirements
      - Educational Requirements
      - Identifiable Financial Contributions

Application and Interview Process

Aspiring Members are required to complete an application and an intake interview with Oneness Leadership. Such interviews will be conducted by Volunteers identified as qualified to host such intake interviews and include, but are not limited to, members of the Spiritual, Strategic, and Operational Leadership Teams and/or Volunteer Leadership. 

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