Voices of Our Elders

In this new series, Oneness is sharing voices from the past that have impacted our lives and spoken to the concepts of Oneness.

It seems only appropriate that we would start this series with Kathleen Moore, the grandmother and best friend of Oneness Board Member at Large, Kent Moore.

Why We Listen

While Oneness leans heavily on the evolution of human spirituality, we acknowledge that what we know now is based on the amazing contributions of too many contributors to simply set aside.

New Thought has been around for a long time and the Spiritual Teachers of all faiths have been teaching for millennia. This series is a chance for us to bring those voices forward and take the time to reflect on the wisdom that they have gifted us with, including the new revelations they may reveal to each of us in the present.

Now Taking Submissions

We would love to feature an elder with a message that speaks to our principles. If you have an audio or video recording that you think would make a great addition to this series please submit it to us so we can share it with the community! 

Elder Kathleen Moore

This video has 2 separate sermons she provided to her Spiritual Community in Visalia California. You can find the titles and time stamps below

"Life is Supposed to be Fun!!" - 2/26/06 - Starts at 0:00

"The Luxury of Memories" - 3/16/03 - Starts at 25:50

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