A Division in New Thought

There's division among members of the New Though community at present. In my opinion, it revolves around what has been couched as a political ideological difference rather than the spiritual negligence it truly is.

As we strive to engage our principles, we have to be mindful of the idea that the revelations of tomorrow may, and almost always do, reveal the ignorance of yesterday. If we're gonna truly embrace the conditions around us as a demonstration of our historical consciousness, we have to bring the Divine Virtue of Truth along for the ride.

Racial Equity is the clearest and most present lens that allows us to see the roots of this division.


What's the history, present reality, and future of Racial Equity in the New Thought Movement? Why does this division matter so much and Where do we go from here?

New Thought Founders in Context

Ernest Holmes, Emma Curtis Hopkins, The Fillmores, Phineas Quimby, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, and all of their Western influences and peers, were living in a rampantly white supremist culture. American Culture.

Because of this, they had dark spots in their vision. Dark spots they didn't even know existed. False beliefs of supremacy and ultimate power.

Their version of Humanity and New Thought was born in that context. And it is rife with its presence to this day.

Rugged Individualism at the Expense of Spiritual Truth

When we take the "Rugged Individual" approach to these teachings that was often taught by these founders, we quickly find ourselves wearing the same blinders that they wore themselves. I truly believe they would never want this for any of us.

That idea, one of righteous and omnipotent individual spiritual authority, is a supremist sentiment in itself.

Spiritual Bypass and Non-Racism

What many have done present day, is disassociate. It's a form of non-racism. That means that it's passive racism and not an active, intentional, or willful one.

However, that leads to those who choose this road to a place where they believe they are not racist and not participating in racism every day. This means those folks have denied that there is any way they could be racist and moved on. They never studied it, understood it, or participated in dismantling it. They just choose to be non-racist and believe they have done their part.

Worse yet, they often confuse the impacts of their racialized privilege with "blessings" or "high consciousness" of their own doing. They’re blind to the advantages that made that "prosperity consciousness" feel so effortless and free.

To tell someone who is oppressed by the collective unconscious of their society that they can overcome that oppression if they just "believe" they can... that is spiritual abuse.

That, is spiritual bypass.

That’s where far too many of the folks in these movements seem to land based on my personal experience.

Relationships to Racialized False Beliefs

Believe it or not, this attitude and approach seems to be where the division is coming from. It does so by neglecting the work of continuing to spiritually evolve.

The whole point of this is to spiritually evolve.

That standpoint leaves me to lose any concern for those folks. Not because I don't love and care about them... but because they've made a choice to stop learning and evolving. And I'm not interested in building new communities with those folks. That's all. Will they always be a part of the greater community around me? Of course. However, I don’t choose to follow these folks or desire to be part of a community they would be leading.

I don't want to harm them or keep them from succeeding in growing and doing whatever they want as a community. I just don't want to be a part of it.

Moving Forward in Principle

However, many are truly doing the work. They are studying, and applying our principles, and openly engaging others to get perspective and knowledge.

These folks are so actualized that they have spent the last year and a half reading and watching more racially educational materials than they ever have in their lives. And it's revealing those blind spots to them.

They are looking for inspiration and organizing that has real impact on these issues. They want to "Treat and move their feet" if you will.

Let's Get It!

If you desire to actually learn, be brave, have terribly challenging conversations, recognize your own opportunities for growth, and put in the actual investment it takes to create the sort of changes you would like to see in your life AND in the world by consciously choosing to evolve... then let's go fam!

Oneness is building that other style of community. One where we take these issues seriously and we apply our principles rigorously. And we CARE for one another as we struggle through the hard parts. And we celebrate the times when we achieve magnificent things.

Let's build NEW New Thought communities. Let's not ask anyone to change... let's just provide the opportunity to have choices when deciding what sort of Spiritual Community they want to be a part of, and let’s make that choice a clear one.

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