The Mysterious Spirituality of Music

Throughout human history music has been a form of expression unlike any other. Free from the bonds of language itself, music has always found a way to communicate feelings, history, and all sorts of other ineffable human experiences.

So, it makes sense to us that we would have this series on Spirituality and Music as a source of deep mysticism in the context of Oneness.

The Alchemy of Music

Music has the ability to impact our feelings, our minds, our thoughts, our attitudes, and everything else in between. Somehow, with the right combination of sounds, we can be transported to another realm within or we can transcend something that has been holding us back.

When we find a song that changes the very alchemy of our being, that's the mystic impact, the spiritual one, that can rarely be adequately described by words. Indeed, music has the synergistic ability to turn things that would otherwise be mundane into amazing pieces of art.

Wood fashioned into string instruments, metal formed into wind instruments, anything at all becoming a means of percussion. All of these things together can create spiritual experiences well beyond their humble origins.

What Music Moves You?

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Featured Artist

Today we feature one of Rev. Brian's favorite musicians, Jason Mraz. With a combination of folks, alternative, rap, and pop, Jason Mraz has been using music to touch the lives and hearts of countless peolple across the world. For anyone listening, it would be almost impossible to miss how his music aligns with the principles of Oneness in so many of his songs.

Check out this wonderful playlist from his 2017 Album "Love is a Four Letter Word"

Image Credit - Mystical Night by Michael Z Tyree

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