What We Believe

As an emerging spiritual school of thought that’s a unique interpretation of the New Thought movement, Oneness New Thought, or simply “Oneness”, is an invitation to bridge the gap between thousands of years of human spirituality and the demands of an ever changing and dynamic world of science, technology and information. 

What we are not

Oneness is NOT a Religiously Universalist Teaching. That means there’s no claim that Oneness is “right”, “better”, “more enlightened” or otherwise superior to other religions or spiritual schools of thought and there’s certainly no consequence for choosing not to practice Oneness.

Instead, Oneness is a Religion of Choice; A Spiritual System to nurture and support Spiritual Living for those that consciously choose it and share it with others. Oneness is an opportunity for those who believe in human spirituality to take a specific and shared approach to care for their own soul and nurture the souls of others.

How we're different

There’s no new wisdom to be drawn from Oneness that hasn’t already been articulated by several religions, spiritual teachers and organized spiritual schools of thought throughout human history. Oneness relies entirely on the idea that there’s no denying the clear and demonstrable benefit to applying some measure of the spiritual wisdom humanity has discovered to our daily lives.

Oneness is a consciously cultivated attempt to do just that; to take the wisdom of human spirituality, alongside the discoveries of philosophy and science, to create a specific and deliberate way to pursue individual and collective spiritual wisdom; building communities that allow us to gather and celebrate our spirituality with one another while maintaining the freedom to pursue Spiritual Living in our own ways.

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What is Oneness?

Rev. Brian discusses what Oneness is and what it is not.