Spiritual Practices


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Definition: The deliberate act of cultivating faith in a desired awareness, understanding or outcome that inspires Creative Action in the Law and the self

Description: We believe that Prayer is not about asking for anything. Rather, we believe that prayer is a spiritual tool to cultivate our own faith in the Divinity of our desires and the power of the Divine Creative Process working in our favor and affirming our faith in real terms.

Prayer can be done extemporaniously, written, shared with others and practiced in an infinite number of ways. While Oneness does adhere to a specific technique known as "Affirmative Prayer" there are no limits to the ways in which we may find ways to affirm our faith in prayer.

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Definition: The conscious review of thought and experiences of the past through the lens of Oneness and current personal spiritual wisdom

Description: All too often, when we experience life, we can be distracted by the emotional impacts of our lives. Also, because we are constantly learning and evolving, it's possible that the version of ourselves that made decisions in the past is less informed and wise than the person we are today.

Reflection is an opportunity to revisit the past through a conscious lens of Oneness. This means identifying and addressing how our own fears or ignornace may have impacted our past, while discerning the wisdom and positive outcomes that can be drawn from those same experiences.

In Reflection we seek to revisit and not relive. We are not returning to the past, we are revisiting it with a calm and conscious commitment to our principles so that we may heal the traumas or expand upon the inspirations of the past so that we can more fully inform who we are in the present moment and make more graceful decisions going forward.

This can be done in an infinite number of ways. Finding an approach that works for each of us is the work of every individual.

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Definition: The cultivation of a calm and focused state of being that is unencumbered by the past and uninhibited by the future

Description: Meditation is one of the oldest and most widespread spiritual and mental health practices in human history. It is about stillness and focus on the present moment.

There are an infinite number of ways to achieve this state of consicous being. Finding an approach that works for each of us is the work of every individual.

We honor and respect every spiritual school of thought and Its meditation practices, borrowing from them when effective but always crediting them if/when it is appropriate to do so as a regular practice of Study.

We can also cultiuvate meditative practices of our own as well. There is no "wrong way" to meditate. It is a cummulative process of developing a skillset that every human being is endowed with.

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Definition: The use of imagination and creative thought to explore concepts and ideas that inspire spiritual vision and an unattached inner state of expectancy

Description: Envisioning is about creating a state of "Expectancy" for our future. Expectancy is different from expectation in that it does not demand a specific outcome to be fulfilled.

Using the wisdom of Oneness and the power of our own imagination, Envisioning is about imagining as many amazing possible outcomes as we possibly can, being attached to none of them, but being inspired to know that the feeling we cultivate in this process is a mental equivalent that sets itself into the Creative Process.

This opens us up to the expectancy of the infinite number of ways that Spiritual Law may create our desires and bring us the experience that truly exalts our highest desires while cocreating with the rest of humanity to bring it into being.

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Definition: The regular communion with the Divine through active and shared spiritual experiences with other members of humanity and nature

Description: Community is a concept that has many meanings. In the context of Spiritual Practice, we believe that Community is the way in which we engage and contribute to the interdependent journey of humanity.

Whenever we share in consicous and deliberate acts of support, service, participation, receptivity, and other ways to engage the people and planet around us, we are negaging in community.

What moves this intop a true Spiritual Practice is when we engage in it with a conscious commitment to expressing and sharing our spiritual Principles with one another and seek to relate to others in ways that allow us to know others and to be known ourselves.

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Definition: The committed pursuit of Spiritual Knowledge through an open willingness to seek out greater understanding and remain open to new ideas

Description: Because we believe that Spiritual Living is a never-ending journey of evolution, we never arrive at "knowing it all". However, seeking knowledge, expanding our understanding, considering the perspectives and ideas of others, learning from the ancient teachers, and learning from modern Spiritual Leaders and Spiritual Peers, we continue to nurture and grow our awareness.

We do not believe we ever "arrive" at knowing all that we should or can. We constantly seek greater depth of understanding and experience through deliberate pursuit of spiritual ideas and experiences.

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Definition: The regular committed act of sharing measures of one’s time, talent and wealth with humanity and the world without expectation of repayment or personal gain

Description: Far too often the idea of Prosperity distracts us from the true spiritual potency of reciprocity and the givingness of any spiritual dynamic.

We choose generosity as a way to free ourselves from the self absorbed consciousness that might value personal gain above the equity and justice that comes from laboring to ensure the prosperity of all of humanity as a whole.

We invite ourselves to focus on the participation in this system of reciprocity from the giving side of the dynamic rather than the receiving end. This means we leave whatever benefits we may draw from our giving to the Universe and give without any need to be assured some greater benefit than the spiritual ricness that comes from caring for one another.

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Rev. Brian discusses the fourth pillar of Oneness; Spiritual Practices