Eternal Evolution

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Immortality is the Eternal Evolution of the Human Soul and the Sacred Gift of Immortality is the Freedom to Live in an Endless Present Moment

Forever is an unfathomable idea and that's why we don't make the attempt. Instead, we accept this idea of the eternal evolution of the Universe as the model for our own eternal evolution as Spiritual Beings.

We don't assume to know what the next stage of evolution is, much like the caterpillar doesn't have any idea what it means to be the butterfly itself until it makes that evolutionary journey for itself only to become a butterfly.

However, we do accept that evolution is forever and that whatever that ladder of evolution is, welcomes all of humanity into the next phase of its evolution in the same way.

This frees us from needing to know or predict what's "next" or what came "before" in our own evolution and frees us to live right here and right now where we are currently in that infinite process of evolution.

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God Individualized as Us

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All of Humanity is Conceived First in the Creative Impulse of God

When, Where, or Why God decided to become a unique individual is unknown to us. What is known is that at some point each of us is Conceived in the Universal Spirit of God. From that point forward, our eternal evolutionary journey has begun.

We are first Conceived in the Spirit as an idea. Perhaps co-created by the consciousness of procreating humans or perhaps because Spirit simply thought of us and we came to be. We don't claim to know the "why" and not even the "how" of it all. we simply accept that the Spirit of God has indeed chosen to become us and sets that process in motion.

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Birth and Interdependence

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The Human Life Begins When We Move from Dependence to Interdependence at Birth

Until its birth, every Human Being is first a co-dependant entity that resides inside of its biological caretaker. Typically this is the womb of a biological mother.

While in the care of the mother's creative womb, we believe that the Human being is entirely co-dependent on its caretaker. During this time, humanity is yet to be truly born into being. It is, in all ways, fully and completely co-dependent on its mother and thus is still a part of the Mother.

Because the Mother is already experiencing a human evolution of their own, any and all affairs related to the unborn child are actually that of Its mother.

We do not become Independent Human Belongs until we are no longer co-dependent and have been born into the world so that we can become an individual part of the interdependent web of Humanity.Once born, Humanity has the responsibility, as a whole, to care for the individualized child as a new entrant into the naturally interdependent fabric of Human Society.

Birth is the Beginning of the Individualized and Interdependent Life of a Human Being.

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The Human Experience

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Humanity has an Earthly Life that is Linear and Temporary

Millenia have proven that the Physical worl
d is temoporary. However, because we accept that the physical human form is simply one way for the Individualized and eternally evolving Human Soul to express itself, we acknowledge the Earthly Human Life as simply one experience and expression of our eternal evolution.

We do know that this experience adheres to the Natural Laws of the known Universe and thus, as everything else is temporary, so too is the Human Experience.

This awareness allows us to focus our lives on living the greatest expression of ourselves that we can while here in this form at this time. This is where the "Now" becomes polarized by past, present, and future.

However, there is only now, and while in the Human Experience, the Present Moment is always the moment in which we find ourselves with the greatest opportunity to create and express.

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Death as an Evolutionary Gateway

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Death is the Inevitable End of the Earthly Life

While this may seem like an obvious statement to many, for us it is an acknowledgment of the fact that we do not know what happens after we die.

Full acceptance of this well-known and documented fact, of our Human Mortality, is how we relinquish the need to seek answers to what's next on the evolutionary journey of our soul and embrace the full living of the reality right in front of us in every moment.

All living things die in the material world. Eternality exists only in the Universal spirit of the Universe. Hence, when we die, our Spirit continues Its evolutionary journey.

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An Eternity of Evolution

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The Afterlife is Unknown and Comes Alike to All. It is the Natural Doorway to the Next Evolutionary Experience of Eternal Life

So what happens when we die? We have no idea.

This can be a very difficult thing for some folks to accept and for others, it comes as a resounding relief.

What we believe is that the next iteration of our evolution is not something we can predict. Because we believe in the equality and equity of every Human Soul, we embrace the knowing that whatever is coming is the same for all of us much like the Human Experience.

That means that while it may not be "identical" like life itself, the core framework that we move into is capable of expressing us as unique individuals within a collective unity that is reflected in the Human Experience itself.

What we know, without any doubt, is that our evolution leads to the goodness inherent in the next stage of our evolution. Possibly with Its own learning curves, distinctly different experiences, and collective interdependence, we know that whatever comes next is not good or bad but rather just... what's next.

There is no condemnation to avoid or exaltation to aspire to. Everyone is on their own path of evolution and experiences the results of their own decision-making in accordance with Spiritual Law, which we may never know or understand. However, we know it is all good and goes on forever.

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