Creation & Immortality

The BIGGEST of Questions!

Lots of people seek out a religion or spiritual schools of thought to answer the bigest questions in life. Where did we come from? Why are we here? How do things come to be?

Oneness adheres to the idea that we know far less than we don't. While some religions and spiritual ideologies have very specific and thoroughly absolute answers to these questions, Oneness takes a more philosophical approach.

This isn't a claim to "know all the answers" but rather to know how we can reconcile these questions with our reality to live spiritually empowered and faith-filled lives right where we are, right now.

Creation — Where Does It All Come From?

Why is the sky blue? Why do the planets revolve around the sun? How can I achieve my full potential? How can I transform my life? How can I get more of the good stuff already in my life?

Our ideas of creation are formed out of the demonstrable evidence right in front of us in nature and through science. Then, we blend it with the philosophical and spiritual continuity found across countless spiritual teachings around the world and throughout time.

We use that knowledge as a means to build faith and empower ourselves to create a life in this vast Universe.

In Oneness we believe that the purpose of our life is a matter of co-creation. We draw what has been afforded to us by the nature of the Universe and then guide It in our lives with our thoughts, feelings and actions.

We believe this is happening whether we're conscious of it or not. So, Oneness teaches an approach to become more conscious of that natural connection and potential to the Divine and co-creating our lives with that connection at the forefront of our mind.

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Immortality — What is Human Life All About?

Where did we come from? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What happens when I die? What's the point of living?

Because Oneness strictly adheres to accepting the physical Universe as it is, acknowledging that so much is yet to be discovered, we rely on the demonstrable evidence right in front of us and seek as much understanding as we can from it.

We don't make up stories in order to address the fact that we don't have answers to these questions or try and make ourselves feel like we "know" some big secret that is, at least for now, unknowable.

So, rather than wait for someone or something outside of ourselves to give us purpose and reason for our lives, we rely on taking all things into account and resigning ourselves to the things we can't explain.

We come to a greater awareness of the authority we have over our lives when we combine this attitude of graceful uncertainty with our understanding of the co-creative process described above.

This helps us lead a healthy spiritual life because no matter what happened before we got here, or what happens when we die, we're clear that it comes alike to all and that the best thing we can do is make the best of where we are right now.

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Creation and Immortality

Rev. Brian discusses the third pillar of Oneness; Creation and Immortality