1. Core Principles

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Oneness doesn’t have a specific list of “Do’s and Don’ts” meant to be followed without question. Instead, we rely on a set of Core Principles that set the foundation for a shared understanding of our faith.

These concepts come from many religious, scientific, and philosophical influences and are fashioned to create a complete system of spiritual ideas.

Having a set of Core Principles allows us to maintain a foundation of understanding for ourselves and others to share and explore.

2. Divine Virtues

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For Oneness, our Divine Virtues serve many purposes.

We believe that these Virtues provide us with a set of values while also inviting us to embrace Universal aspects of the “nature” of God or Spirit.

All of these Divine Virtues are limitless in their availability and supply to every human being. We believe we have the ability to connect with them and apply them in our lives, and that doing so is an act of Spiritual Divinity.

While an exhaustive list of the “Virtues of God” sounds like an impossible list to create (we agree), we decided to settle on 7 Divine Virtues as a means to celebrate and share in the understanding of the Nature of Spirit in all, and as all, of creation.

3. Creation and Immortality

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Throughout human spiritual history religion and spirituality has saught to answer the biggest questions about life. Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here? How does the Universe work?

Well, Oneness doesn’t claim to know the answers and we certainly don’t think we have the “right” answers. However, we do have a concept that takes our reality into consideration while acknowledging the things we can’t truly know. 

We believe in a creative process inherent to all things. Beginning in thought, we believe all things move from thought, through a creative medium, and into being.

We also have no idea about what we were before being born or where we go when we die. However, we do believe that we came from the Divine and that wherever we go after our earthly life is just the next step in an eternal evolution of our soul. 

Sometimes the best answer is to accept that we don’t have all the answers. Oneness seeks to come to terms with these ideas in order to embrace the life we’re living right now and placing faith that whatever is next comes alike to everyone and that it is inherently good. 

4. Spiritual Practices

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Oneness isn’t simply an idea that transforms our lives because we’ve come to understand it. It is a practical and active pursuit of greater goodness through spiritual living.

While some spiritual schools of thought have very specific practices that are mandated by the theology, Oneness relies on Spiritual Practices as particular concepts of spiritual being rather than prescriptive things that must be practiced a certain way. 

These definitions of practices rely on what is being sought rather than how to do the seeking. It’s an invitation to take the principles and concepts of Oneness and apply them in creative and personalized ways as well as communal traditional ways to practice with others.

The intent of these practices is to personalize and prioritize them so that they fit into our daily lives and call us back to a conscious focus on our spiritual nature.  

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